That Fearless Girl

I have always been an adventurous person even as a kid. And that’s different from being naughty  . I just liked ‘challenging’ myself and since, as children, we aren’t really evaluating our actions with consequences, we may end up hurting ourselves sometimes. I remember running up the slides; and once even tore my chin wide open which was then stitched back up by apparently a very inexperienced doctor. And on the same day, after coming back from the hospital I fell down from the bed while jumping up and down since I was bored. Lol. I still have scars/marks from both these injuries. After that, even as a 4th grader, I knew I should take better care while embarking on my whims. However, as a bet with my brothers, I still had one thing left to do: jump off a high swing safely. Thankfully, I was smart enough to choose one that landed me surely into soft sand. It was a record among all us siblings and I was every bit proud of achieving it despite all the scolding by my parents (I am sorry ). Now as we grow up, we begin to weigh the risks of almost all our moves – from making a life changing decision to deciding whether or not to take a certain roller coaster or even things like eating out or pulling an all-nighter. Without a doubt, while it is true that we need the adult in us to keep ourselves safe, responsible, and away from recklessness; I would always want that fearless, curious, and jubilant girl in this picture to stay a part of me. For she is the one who lets the adult me enjoy, explore and appreciate the little joys of life to the fullest. 

P.S. The “khajoor ka darakht” which my mom loved making out of my hair can also be witnessed. -.-

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