“While in Morocco, I met some of the most kind and hospitable people”

My first post on #InspirationSeries got great feedback from all around, Alhamdullilah, and it was at that time when I first conversed with Kayla in detail although we had met through “GirlsLoveTravel” platform a while back. The solo trip she had to morocco lead her to start her own blog with the inspiration to shatter negative stereotypes.

“My name is Kayla, age 24, from the United States. I always thought travelling was a pipe dream and something that would be too expensive for me to do at such a young age. However, in the last few years, I’ve discovered so many ways to find cheap flights and other little tricks to save money while abroad. I’ve even started a blog to help other young people realize they can travel too!

The first motivator I had to travel was my dad. He always pushed me to go explore the world and enjoy it since he had the opportunity to do it when he was younger. After he died a few years ago, I decided to finally make that leap and travel anywhere I could, as much as I could. Since that time, I try to travel to at least 2 new countries a year, more if I have the chance, but work normally gets in the way.

What would I want to say to people about exploring different cultures? DO IT! It is such a rewarding and exhilarating experience; to be able to immerse yourself in another culture and see others’ viewpoints is so mind opening. Since I started travelling, I try to immerse myself in each culture rather than be a tourist because you get a much better experience, and if you’re lucky enough, you might even learn something new about yourself.

My first solo trip was to Morocco. Being from the United States, I hear a lot of people talk about their preconceived notions of Islamic or Muslim culture because of the terrorist attacks that happened in 2001. While I myself didn’t have these assumptions, a lot of people around me did and they all had their opinions about me travelling to a Muslim country.


While in Morocco, I met some of the most kind and hospitable people. After that trip, I wanted a chance to prove to people that those preconceived notions were wrong. Ultimately, I started a blog to document my travels and experiences in other cultures so that maybe I can inspire others to travel outside of their comfort zone, or at least get them to change their mind about what they think about other cultures.

Would I consider visiting other Muslim countries? Absolutely!! I have dreams of traveling to Iran, Turkey, Egypt, and so many others. Hopefully I’ll get to explore those beautiful countries soon.”

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