They VS You.

“They” tell you how to live. They tell you what the cultural standards of a good salary or a good job are. They tell you that you aren’t good enough if you did not achieve a certain degree. They tell you, you aren’t a good citizen if you aren’t living in your country yet they want to leave themselves. They tell you what to wear. They tell you, you aren’t pretty enough if you did not flaunt your hair, wear heavy makeup, be tanner if you are in the west or be whiter if in the east. Eventually “They” begin to shape your life. Every decision you take is to please “They”. Your Ego is only boosted if they validate you. In this struggle, you lose yourself to “They” and they still would have one or the other thing to say about you.

Free yourself today from a life that will eventually only hurt you. Wider your horizons. You are valuable and beautiful just the way you are. Open up your imagination and let your dreams run wild. Live like a free spirit. There are more lands than just where you were born. Don’t just limit yourself to one place. There are so many more people with so many different and beautiful cultures and backgrounds. Allah did not bring us into this world to confine ourselves within one place, one culture; He wants us to explore. To find Him. To find ourselves.

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