Fragility Within.

She had always been fragile. Fragile like a feather. The world saw her as a warrior. Strong and Confident. Yet only she knew the fragility that was exploding inside of her. She could stay as strong as the mountains when the storm try to tear her apart yet she could cry a river if she saw a tear rolling down from a stranger as far as 5000 miles away. Her heart would ache for hours after witnessing heart break of a total stranger. No matter how hard she tried, she could never escape who she was – this was something she was born with: the ability to empathize deeply, to place herself exactly in the shoes of the person going through a heartache.

I found this drawing by @hn.art22 ( to be a perfect fit for what I wanted to say today. I wanted to talk about “Fragility Within”. So many of us hide a fragile being inside of the strong exterior. Its important to acknowledge that being and to let it live because it is important and necesarry to be able to “empathize”. Especially in todays world where the overflow of the knowledge of everyday incidents/innocent killings/bombings all around the world are desensitizing us slowly.

Let me know your thoughts on this! 🙂

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