They VS You.

“They” tell you how to live. They tell you what the cultural standards of a good salary or a good job are. They tell you that you aren’t good enough if you did not achieve a certain degree. They tell you, you aren’t a good citizen if you aren’t living in your country yet they…

Fragility Within.

She had always been fragile. Fragile like a feather. The world saw her as a warrior. Strong and Confident. Yet only she knew the fragility that was exploding inside of her. She could stay as strong as the mountains when the storm try to tear her apart yet she could cry a river if she…

Romance Rekindled.

Romance is a feeling best served when travelling. The unversed roads, fragrances and languages Make the heart wander. Away from the familiar, It is ready to fall, fall again in love. In a fresh place, on a new path But with the very same heart. 😉


Ive been gone far too long Its time to go back home Go back to familiar faces, People and fragrances Fond memories, Paths and roads Timeless love, Warmth and embrace Its time to be myself All over again.