They VS You.

“They” tell you how to live. They tell you what the cultural standards of a good salary or a good job are. They tell you that you aren’t good enough if you did not achieve a certain degree. They tell you, you aren’t a good citizen if you aren’t living in your country yet they…

Romance Rekindled.

Romance is a feeling best served when travelling. The unversed roads, fragrances and languages Make the heart wander. Away from the familiar, It is ready to fall, fall again in love. In a fresh place, on a new path But with the very same heart. 😉

A Dreamy City.

This beautiful poem by Jody Right captures my feelings so eloquently, I though I should share this with one of my pictures from Switzerland. Zürich, Switzerland is indeed a dreamy city. :’) I lie awake each night Staring at the ceiling Following each crack Finding new routes Oh, how I’d like to travel  Somewhere new, Somewhere old,…


Shadowy and dark, Purple sky and that dreamy night, As if this wasn’t enough, You had to stand tall with your magical architecture, To make sure I took some of that magic with me.


Ive been gone far too long Its time to go back home Go back to familiar faces, People and fragrances Fond memories, Paths and roads Timeless love, Warmth and embrace Its time to be myself All over again.

Heart and Hope.

That beautiful little piece of flesh lets you cling on to the last ray of hope. Maybe even to an apparently non-existence sense of optimism. While the mind lets go a million times throughout this life time, the heart never truly learns to let go of expecting. Every last bit of faith that the heart…