Heart and Hope.

That beautiful little piece of flesh lets you cling on to the last ray of hope. Maybe even to an apparently non-existence sense of optimism. While the mind lets go a million times throughout this life time, the heart never truly learns to let go of expecting. Every last bit of faith that the heart holds every time loss or despair is met; unrequited love or desire is felt; failure or disappointment is tasted; each one of that bit is responsible for keeping the heart from breaking. A heart hasn’t savored true form of happiness if it didn’t get a tiny bit fuller by gathering these pieces of hope. While the clock keeps ticking, the heart stays young if it has learned to hope. THIS hope is what keeps us anticipating. Anticipating for miracles of God. If the heart has mastered the art to place those pieces carefully enough without weighing its bearer down, it would feel exactly how it’s invented to feel when He out of His mysterious ways, lets the heart meet gain or joy; allows it to experience fulfilled love or joy; sanctions it to taste success or satisfaction. For hope is what keeps the heart alive.

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